History of Cineograph

The Cineograph, better known by the name Flipbook, is a sequence of images drawn on a block of paper, which when scrolled quickly give the illusion of animation.
It became very popular towards the end of the 19th century but is still popular today. The name Flibook is a name of American origin, in France it was known more as Folioscope and in Britain it was called Flick Book or Flicker. Cineograph is a term coined in Italy.

The Englishman John Barnes Linnet in 1868 was the first to patent the animated drawing in the sense of the Cineograph. Attempts to reproduce animations have always existed and one of these was the Magic Lantern: an invention that had the limitation of projecting a fixed image, or at most two superimposed images that were animated manually. Other inventions such as the thaumatropium, the zootropium, the kaiserpanorama and the phenachistoscope alternated two or more images in sequence, creating a repetitive loop that seemed to come alive. They were in each case animations that could be repeated endlessly, such as a running horse or a dancing dancer...

history of cineograph

The arrival of the Cineograph made it possible to create continuous animations that could tell a specially created storyline. Images in the Cineograph do not repeat at intervals, but follow each other indefinitely. The principles of film technique were already summarised in this simple idea that is the Flipbook.

Flipbooks can have different formats:

In this case it is already bound like a normal book

In this case, each sheet contains the frames to be cut out and assembled.

In this case, the stickers are the frames to be pasted in sequence on the pages of a notebook at the corners.

Thanks to the technology of smartphones, tablets and PCs in general, there is now a reinterpretation of the cineograph with fantastic results (in terms of optical effect) that could not be achieved in the past for obvious reasons.

It is possible to turn a short 10-12 second video shot with your mobile phone into a fantastic Flipbook in just a few steps from this webapp.